Love and Flowers: 5 Floral Gifts for Romantic Special Occasions

65% of Americans say that they feel special when they receive a gift of flowers; while 73% say they have a high appreciation of flowers. Flowers are memorable and thoughtful; they improve our mood; they brighten our day; and they make for perfect gifts all-year-around.

In this blog post, we will look at five amazing flower arrangements that you can give to those you care about. Whether a partner, a parent, a sibling, a colleague or a friend, floral gifts are always appreciated.

1. Long-Stemmed Roses

Long-stemmed roses are a true classic, both beautiful and symbolic. Roses make for an amazing floral gift for a romantic partner, such as your spouse, and are especially popular on St. Valentine’s Day.

Red roses stand for love, romance, and passion — perfect for someone special in your life. Yellow roses tend to symbolize friendship, making them a great gift to friends and colleagues. Whichever color you choose, you can’t go wrong with roses.

Here’s a great floral gift idea: design your own roses by choosing the box, arrangement style, colors, and include a personalized note.

2. Stargazer Lilies

Another great idea for Valentine’s Day flowers, stargazer lilies symbolizes virtue and purity. Available in a range of different colors, such as pink, red, and orange, lilies are a thoughtful floral gift that will show the recipient how much you care about them.

3. Calla Lilies

While we’re on the point of lilies, how could we overlook calla lilies? This chic-looking flower is a great choice for every occasion, including anniversary flowers.

Calla lilies have a unique, slender shape that catches the eye, and a range of colors that will add sophistication to every space.

4. Carnations

While carnations often get a bad rap, they’re a gorgeous-looking flower and make perfect Mother’s Day gifts, as well as a range of other occasions such as anniversaries.

White carnations are known to represent good luck and purity, while dark red represents love. When paired together, white and red carnations make for a stunning floral decoration. Compared to some other types of flowers, carnations are always very affordable, another reason they are such a great option.

5. Silk Flowers

Want to buy flowers for someone but unsure what to do because they are allergic? No need to fret, as silk flowers are a perfect option. There’s no need to worry about sneezing with silk flowers and they are available in just about any type and size.

The other obvious upside to silk flowers is that they last far longer than real flowers, meaning the recipient can enjoy them for longer. Talk about eternal love!

Give Floral Gifts That They’ll Truly Cherish

Around 29% of Americans gift flowers to a loved one every St. Valentine’s Day, highlighting their enduring popularity. Floral gifts are a perfect present for every occasion, whether as a sign of romance or friendship. Show them you care with a floral gift. If you’re in a rush, try to look for florists who offer same day flower delivery.

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