How to Find the Best Free or Low-Cost Dental Care

Paying out of pocket for dental care is common in the US, especially since 74 million people have no dental coverage. And dental care can be expensive. A single visit to your dentist’s office can average $85–$100. 

For the average American, these costs can add up, becoming unsustainable. But there is good news. Free or low-cost dental care from this adult orthodontic treatment can help you and your family better afford the oral procedures you need. 

Finding these affordable dental care opportunities can be difficult, though. That’s why we’ve brought you this guide. 

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Low-Cost Dentistry

You may be surprised to learn that you can get affordable dental in Boise from a regular dentist. Many dentists near you offer dental membership savings plans and low-cost or free days of care for patients like you.

Keep reading to learn more about these low-cost dentistry solutions. 

Dental Membership Savings Plans

Some dentists offer membership savings plans for their patients. You pay a low-cost annual fee for care and get procedures like cleanings and exams for free. Any additional services you need also come at a discount. 

Free or Low-Cost Days of Care

Stay tuned to your local news station to hear about low-cost or free days of care at dental clinics near you. Dentists will offer particular days where you can receive oral care for discounted or even free services.

Remember that just because you’re taking advantage of these services doesn’t mean you’re getting a lower quality of care. You’ll get the same attention at a free or low-cost dental appointment as you would paying full price. 

Federally-Qualified Health Centers

Federally-qualified health centers offer low-cost dental care to low-income individuals and families. 

Family size and income level will determine the discount you receive for care. For example, the larger your family, the greater your discount will be. 

To qualify, you or your family must make an annual income at least 200% lower than the national poverty line. As of this writing, the poverty line for a single individual is $12,760 and $26,200 for a family of four. 

If you or your household makes more than these amounts, you won’t be able to qualify for care at these health centers. 

Dental Care Charities

Needy families can also access low-cost and even free dental benefits from charities. There are community-focused charities and large-scale dental charities like Dental Lifeline and America’s Dentists Care Foundation. 

Keep in mind that charities always have limited resources. That’s why you should only seek help through these charities if you or your family are in great need and have no other options. 

Dental Schools

Finding a dental school near you is one of the best ways to access low-cost oral care. Dental schools will only charge you the cost of equipment and materials needed for your appointment.

Going to a dental school for care means a dental student will perform the procedure. A trained instructor will oversee the visit to ensure everything goes as planned. 

If you live near a dental hygienist school, you may also have access to inexpensive cleanings and other preventative services. 

Clinical Trials

Volunteering for a dental clinical trial can get you access to free dental care. Clinical trials are research studies where practitioners test out new dental techniques.

You’ll have to qualify for the clinical trial to get care. This means you have to have the specific characteristics researchers are looking for. Oral health, age, and lifestyle factors (e.g., smoking) may determine whether you’re recruited.

Where do you find dental clinical trials in Boise? Check out the Classifieds of your local newspaper. You may also find clinical trial participant listings in local advertisements on TV. 

Low-Cost Dental Insurance

If none of these affordable dental care ideas work for you, your other option is to pay lower costs with insurance. Insurance can help pay a portion of the cost for care, so you have to pay less out of pocket. 

Keep reading for the top affordable insurance plans that include dental services.

Affordable Care Act Dental Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers low-cost insurance plans to qualifying adults and their dependents. All ACA plans are required to provide full dental coverage for children. Some also provide oral care benefits for adults. 

State Assistance Programs

Many states offer medical assistance programs, which can help you find free or low-cost dental care clinics in your area.

You may also have access to state public assistance programs meant to help cover the cost of care you can’t afford. 

Children’s Health Insurance Program

The federal Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) covers dental care for children until they age out at 19 years old. To use your benefits, you must visit a dentist who accepts CHIP benefits. 

The best thing about CHIP is that both US citizens and some immigrants are eligible for coverage. 

Take Advantage of Free or Low-Cost Dental Care Today

If you or your family are looking for free or low-cost dental care, these solutions can help. Dentists, federally-qualified health centers, charities, dental schools, and clinical trials are all excellent options. When all else fails, you can apply for an affordable insurance plan from the ACA or CHIP. 

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