My Favorite Summer Activities

Out of all four seasons in a year, summer is easily the best one of the year. When everyone thinks about summer, they do not get sad or overwhelmed. They think about all the trips they will make with their children. They think about the happiness that runs throughout the world. During the summer, kids are outside riding bikes and families are at the beach having the best time of their lives. It seems like everyone is so happy all the time.

Andrew Napolitano is like the rest of the world’s population when it comes to summer. One of his favorite summer activities is having a barbeque with family and friends. We all know that a good barbecue includes macaroni salad, potato chips, and some really good and tender meat. It also includes fun games like horseshoes and sack races. The more time Andrew spends with his family, the happier he is because family is everything to him. When he is attending the family barbecue, he is agreeable and has a likeable personality. While catching up with friends, Andrew has been known to throw around a bean bag or two at the barbecue. His family also plans out volleyball and badminton.

Another summer activity that Napolitano likes to partake in is going to the beach. He acts like a new man when the sun shines on his face and the sand is between his toes. While he is at the beach he enjoys swimming and throwing the football around. During those special beach days when it is a little too cold to get in the water, him and his family frequent hikes on trails and up hills. He loves getting outdoors to see the local wildlife and natural beauty. Meeting new people, sharing ideas, and discussing differential topics are just some of the things that he talks about. After spending most of his day in the sun, Napolitano likes to retreat with his family to a nice quiet place to have a picnic. As mentioned before he loves spending quality time with his family. Quality time with his family could be anywhere doing anything.

One of the final summer activities that Napolitano loves to end the night with is an old-fashioned bonfire. Nothing else screams summer like roasting marshmallows and making gooey s’mores with the best kind of people. As long as there is enough firewood and some great laughs, summer doesn’t have to be over when the sun goes down. Summer will always be here as long as good times continue.

All of these things consist of being outside and with family and friends. This is because Napolitano knows that without the best people in life standing next to one another, summer activities would not be as fun, no matter what season the world may be in.