Building the Network of the Future for Remote Work

future of networking

Working from home has a comforting feeling and one could argue that you could handle a better work life balance if you are disciplined and determined enough. Yes, that means not too many distractions and doing chores. Alternatively, in working remote, some have reported a good degree of loneliness. People are social creatures by nature and we require a sense of connection and community. So, it may be a better fit for many to have some kind of work hybrid that allows people to have a level of flexibility that will let them work in the office or satellite offices. Examples of this could include such places as coworking spaces or what is commonly known as third space, such as coffee shops.

Any way that flexible and distributed work will be allowed to continue, it will be necessary to be even more vigilant against cyber attacks to your organization. And this can be quite a headache as you now have more endpoints and less secure networks to deal with that aren’t in your corporate office.

It is time to build the network of the future to support this distributed environment – securely and from the ground up. Also, it must be faster than traditional VPN technologies.

Learn more about the future of networking in the following visual deep dive below:

The Future of Networking