Becoming A Parent 101

1. Are You Ready To Be A Parent 

Have you ever made a comment to your friends about how ready you are to become a parent? If they didn’t comment then they were probably not really paying attention. Maybe a close acquaintance recently announced that they plan to adopt or perhaps a family member said they were planning to move in with the new baby. If you have always worked up the courage to say this idea out loud, then you most certainly have already been told that very few people ever feel 100% ready to become a parent, let alone be a good parent. It’s, without a doubt, the most transformational thing a person could ever experience.

There are many different stages of parenthood, from infertility to single parenting, and each stage requires unique child care techniques. As you look at yourself in the mirror and identify which of those techniques you think you can work with, try to also identify what parts of your life you might need to improve upon or even replace.

If you are planning on having a child you will need to think about your finances. With a new baby there will be increased household expenses such as food, water and your con-ed utility bills, so you will need to create a budget and factor in all of those additional costs

       2. How To Emotionally Prepare For Parenthood   

Here are essential tips for you to prepare yourself for parenthood emotionally. Maintaining realistic expectations based on reality is important. Parents may easily go overboard in their dreams and expectations. Many of these unrealistic expectations may fail to materialize into reality at all. If you reduce your expectations, you will save yourself from being overwhelmed by every situation you have not prepared for.

Another tip for you to be emotionally prepared for parenthood is to start expressing your love and passion towards your baby even before your baby is born. Show to your friends and family members your intense excitement about the idea of having a baby. Once your excitement becomes constant, you will surely radiate it towards your baby. Your desire to protect, nurture and provide for your baby must be clear to everyone.

Lastly, be more cautious about what you say regarding your upcoming bundle of joy. Do not talk negatively about your pregnancy or your expectation of the upcoming child. Say positive words only about your baby, especially about his or her future. Being emotionally prepared for the big occasion will make you take good care of the health and safety of your baby. You will surely take precautionary measures such as sticking to a healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting vaccinated and monitored by doctors etc. Your attitude towards life and your love for your family will surely show through, thus ensuring a happy and healthy new life for all your family members.

       3. Planning And Preparation Tips For Your New Addition 

For parents who are planning a new baby but don’t have enough money to go to all the medical appointments for checkups, or a midwife to collect and test their blood, there is another option for those on a budget: getting a few good tips from other parents who are preparing for a new baby. “trimester gossips” are online forums where mothers who are pregnant share information about what they did and how they got through each first four trimesters. The forum threads, which are often updated daily with new additions, give new mommies a peek at what they did to prepare themselves and their little one. Here are some tips from other moms:Planning and preparation: Expectant mothers should be aware of the body systems in terms of hormones and their respective positions in the body so that they will know how to prepare and plan their bodies for delivery by knowing the expected time of delivery, the likely date of the birth, the probable date of the intended operation, etc. The mother should also know the exact timing for her scheduled Hepatitis C treatment by researching the same thoroughly. A helpful tip is to create a list of the things she should do to prepare for delivery, including her medication schedule, doctor’s contact information, doctor’s appointments and other pertinent information.