My Favorite Afternoon Snacks

From CEO Shalom Lamm’s office, hunger usually hits around 2:30pm. The busy time nestled between lunch and dinner. What is the best snack to indulge in? What do you think someone like Lamm eats when hunger hits in between meals? Let’s see there are pretzels and apples. The sweet salty combination is divine. Wait. What about the low carb regimen. There are nuts. Some fan favorites are almonds and cashews. A handful of almonds have a good source of fiber, magnesium, and vitamin E. This promotes hair growth. Cashews also have a good amount of fiber and they are low in sugar. These delicious moon shape nuts contain zinc, iron, vitamin K, copper and protein. The protein is important in marking one feel full and satisfied. If a person has a nut allergy, a smart low carb choice can be beef jerky, the no sugar added brands, or beef sticks. Don’t forget to add some scrumptious full of calcium cheese. Some people who are allergic to nuts are not allergic to seeds. There are a larger variety of seeds to choose from. Sunflower seeds are very popular. There is also pumpkin, hemp, and chia seeds to name a few. 

Let’s not forget smoothies. They are an easy quick pick me up that can lessen cravings and that is why Shalom Lamm enjoys them so much. If some office life brings the higher sugar and calorie snacks out but the goal is to be more healthy, then getting creative with smoothies will be a life savior. For example, The apple pie cravings have hit and the urge to give in is constantly there, how about trying an apple pie smoothie. Blend one apple, cinnamon, vanilla flavoring, nutmeg, raw oatmeal, and a few dates for sweetness. It can be topped off with low sugar graham cracker crumbles. Don’t forget to add ice. Instead of using apples, pumpkin can be substituted to cut that pumpkin pie craving.

 Another favorite smoothie is the chocolate cherry sweetheart. Take frozen cherries and blend it with a favorite plant based milk. Add vanilla extract. Take a bittersweet seventy five percent chocolate bar and add shavings to the top of the smoothie. Protein rounds are also a good item to snack on. Take a favorite nut or seed butter. Add oatmeal, a pinch of salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, maple syrup, dark chocolate chips, and dried cherries. Roll them into a ball and enjoy. They are yummy frozen as well. Having an open mind and being creative will make the afternoon snacking more interesting, fun and let’s not forget very healthy.