A Look at Commercial Real Estate Trends

commercial real estate

Given the recent changes in the financial world, it’s important to keep a close eye on different investment opportunities. In particular, commercial real estate has always been a popular investment market to pursue. However, as mentioned earlier, there have been many changes in the current real estate market. 

To demonstrate the changes, let’s use commercial real estate in Orange County, NY as an example to look into this subject. To begin, it must first be stated that the commercial real estate market is worth nearly $21 trillion, but these rough times ahead could lead to serious damage. This damage is slowly creeping up nowadays as rising rates have lowered overall commercial property prices by 13% from 2022’s peak. Another point of note that investors need to prepare for is that $450 billion in loans will come due in each of the next four years. This is leading to the eventual realization that cheap money is gone.

Orange County Commercial Real Estate
Source: ChessRealtors.com