5 Tips for the 2021 Tropical Backpacker

If you are planning a trek through SouthEast Asia this summer, you have come to the right place; in this blog we offer you some invaluable tips from the seasoned traveller about travelling in a tropical climate. It is likely that your home environment is far removed from a tropical jungle, so you will be like a fish out of water, so to speak, and with that in mind, here are some great tips to help you with your planning for a tropical holiday.

  1. Mosquitoes – Make no mistake, you will encounter these nasty insects; one of the few living species that does no good and only spreads disease. The best solution is to stock up with a cream or liquid spray that is applied to the skin, and religiously apply at around 4pm and re-apply before sleeping. Mozzies spread Dengue Fever and also Malaria, especially during the monsoon season (May to October). Some remote regions of north Thailand and Cambodia might require you to have anti-malaria medication and it is best to check on the Internet. Dengue Fever is common in rural Thai areas and while there is no cure, it is very unpleasant with a couple of weeks with zero energy.
  2. The Right Gear – Check out the adventure dry bag from Feel Free, a leading Asian supplier of extreme travel equipment; if you are travelling during the rainy season, a dry bag is an absolute must! Good hiking boots and light cotton short and long pants. The climate is hot and humid, so you want to wear light cotton clothing that allows the skin to breathe, while investing in a waist money belt ensures your passport, tickets, insurance and cash are always on your person. 
  3. Booking Accommodation – Whether it be a campsite in a Thai National Park or a 5-star resort in Krabi, you should make all bookings online. Thailand is very much on a par with Europe regarding IT and with English pages on their websites, booking online is never an issue. Here is some good advice about sun exposure, which is a recommended read for all tropical travellers.
  4. Survival Gear – Of course, it very much depends on the type of backpacking you are planning to enjoy; if you are planning on camping, take a couple of rechargeable LED lamps that you wear on your head and you won’t regret it. Darkness arrives swiftly near the equator, so you had best be prepared if hiking after sunset. A good first aid kit is a given and take lots of mozzie cream and apply liberally, while you might need a knife and some rope. You know the routine, lay everything on the bed from your shortlist and then eliminate items as it seems logical.
  5. Safety – Always tell someone when trekking in the jungle and have an agreement that if you don’t contact them by an agreed time, they should start talking to people. Make sure your digital device has a full battery and with the right SIM card, you will have Internet coverage. It makes sense to research online as to the wildlife you would expect to encounter and take the necessary precautions.

You will need a stainless-steel water bottle and you should always carry at least 1 litre of drinking water when on the road. With some careful planning, your trip should be one to remember for all the right reasons. Check with this link for your destination country and the current Covid-19 status prior to making any travel plans.