Will the Coronavirus Vaccine Be Safe?

Many people, like Chanoch Harow, are worried that there haven’t been enough human trials for the COIVD-19 vaccination. Although there isn’t a set many pharmaceutical companies are fighting to be the first on the market. Moderna, Pfizer, Novavax, VBI, and AstraZenca have all started trials. Scientists are trying to push out a reliable solution within 12-18 months from now. There are about one-hundred-thirty-nine preclinical vaccines that have yet to touch human skin. Basically, that means that within that large number, none of them have been approved yet. It’s very hard to find people to participate in trails, especially in the United States. With minorities being mostly effected by a coronavirus, they are also least likely to participate. Scientists need as many resources as they can to find a cure before the second wave will hit during the colder months. 

Russia has recently approved a vaccine but hasn’t held any clinical trials. Many institutes are curating vaccines every day. This includes; The Unversity of Oxford, Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, Beijing Institue of Biological Products, Bijin Institue of Biotechnology, Kentucky Biopressing, Anhui Zhifei Loongcom Biopharmaceuticals, University of Queensland, Imperial College London, University of Melbourne, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. All these institutions are doing their absolute best to come up with a cure. Doctors like Chanoch Harow, see the importance of getting as many medical intuitions as possible on board to get a vaccine. It shouldn’t be about fame or money. There is obviously a great sense of competition but many are hoping that institutions will work tougher to fight the common enemy. For many families, having a vaccine is crucial if they are front-line workers like doctors, nurses, EMT’s, firefighters, and police officers. Many are putting their own life at risk because they have the interests of others in mind. Hopefully, by the end of this eventful year, something suitable for humans will arise and worries will dissipate.