Why You Should Invest in Pet Insurance

pet insurance

Pet insurance is an essential part of being a good pet parent. 3.1 million pets in the United States are covered by pet health insurance. United States pet industry sales, in 2020, topped $103.6 billion, of which $31 billion was devoted to veterinary care and products. You can prepare for unexpected vet visits with pet insurance depending on the type of coverage you choose.

To break down dog ownership costs, it is helpful to think about them by size of the dog, and then by the first year of ownership versus ongoing ownership. In the first year, small dog ownership costs $1,314 on average, while large dog ownership costs $1,843. For small dogs, ongoing costs are $580, while large dogs cost $875. When you add in additional expenses like dental cleaning, emergency veterinary care, ongoing training, and pet sitting, annual pet ownership costs skyrocket to $2,858 a year. To prevent unexpected veterinary bills, keep your pet healthy and take proactive measures to augment the wellbeing of your pet.

Being a pet parent is a lot of work, but it pays off so much in the end. Three out of four pet owners do not have pet insurance. Jarring unexpected vet expenses can be avoided with pet insurance. Ensure that your pet receives the best care, and invest in its health and happiness by making sure that you and your pet are covered.

Pet insurance benefits