Why Developers Use CI/CD Pipeline

ci/cd pipelines

CI/CD pipelines have been revolutionary within the application development industry. CI/CD stands for continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment and is shorthand for a standard set of principles and practices. Many DevOps have already recognized the value in CI/CD pipelines, with a staggering 16% increase in complete automation for these processes.

However, automation within the mobile CI/CD pipeline has the most potential for growth. The rapidly growing mobile application ecosystem has over 7 billion users and over 255 billion mobile applications. To keep up with this demand, it is essential to speed up the release of code, and the most efficient way to do this is via the CI/CD pipeline. Through this pipeline, you are able to reduce workflow failures by optimizing the workflow, and can more easily troubleshoot bugs before production. Additionally, you can release updates faster and complete most workflows in under 10 minutes via CI.

Ultimately, the advantages of implementing CI/CD, allow much better user experiences, which can lead to better reviews and better customer engagement, and allows apps to remain competitive with one another. Many developers, including ‘elite developers’, are exponentially more likely to take advantage of CI/CD pipelines, which only serves to improve and better the application. Regardless of the developer or application, it is likely that the CI/CD pipeline can benefit the project.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline
Source: BitRise.io