Expanding Opportunities and Demand: The Rise of Mobile DevOps Engineers

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With a CAGR of 24.7%, the DevOps market is poised to reach $51 billion by 2030, following its valuation of $7 billion in 2021. Consequently, in 2021, the role of ‘DevOps Engineer’ experienced high demand in the hiring market. The statistics support this trend, with 35.55% of recruiters seeking employees with DevOps skills and 23.37% targeting those with mobile development skills. The demand for DevOps Engineers is expected to increase by 21% by 2028.

The prevalence, dependence, and competitive nature of the smartphone market contribute significantly to the rise of Mobile DevOps engineer roles. While 57% of developers claim to release code twice as fast as before (up from 35% in 2020), four out of five developers indicate that the lack of automation could hinder timely code delivery. A reliable mobile DevOps tool greatly enhances the efficiency for Mobile DevOps engineers.

Bitrise, widely adopted by mobile unicorn startups, empowers mobile DevOps engineers to reduce build time, increase deployment frequency, improve app stability, and optimize infrastructure and mobile DevOps spending. It offers support for various platforms, including iOS, Android, Flutter, Ionic, Cordova, and React Native.

The Future of Mobile DevOps Engineering
Source: bitrise