Gen Z: Face of the Modern Workplace

Gen Z workplace

How can hiring managers adapt to the influx of Gen Z employees into the workforce?  This is an important question to ask, as Gen Z’ers are joining the workforce earlier than Millennials and will soon make up a significant portion of the total working population.  Unfortunately, many hiring managers struggle to adapt to these changes, resulting in high turnover rates and employee dissatisfaction. 

Several factors influence hiring challenges with Gen Z.  For one, the pandemic altered the workforce itself, forcing many Gen Z employees into unemployment.  In fact, Gen Z saw a 79% increase in layoffs during the year following the pandemic’s onset.  Another factor is friction in the workplace, often caused by negative headlines.  This leads to tension and animosity.  Finally,  misaligned expectations can have major impacts on hiring and retention success.  

To address these issues, hiring managers should offer workplace respect and connection.  For Gen Z, workplace respect entails a work-life balance, the knowledge that the company values their work, and the promotion of positive mental health.  Other solutions include clear expectations, transparency, and effective communication. 

Gen Z is changing the face of the modern workplace, and hiring managers must change in step.  Finding ways to bring Gen Z into the fold, rather than pushing it out, will be key in the coming years.

What You Need To Recruit And Retain Gen Z
Source: Abode HR