Why Alcohol Consumption is Bad For Your Health

Watching what you drink.

We know how it goes in the movies: some friends get together, crack open a beer or some hard alcohol, and catch up about their lives. But is this a behavior to have in real life? Is alcohol meant to be weighed and considered with a grain of salt? There’s no doubt that there are times when it is fun to engage in a drink or two, but it is just as easy to have a bad time when drinking alcohol. Andrew Napolitano, politician and judge, knows the adversities of life yet still does not allow alcohol to have a place in his life.

Let’s consider the external things that happen when alcohol starts to sink in. The mood might be lifted, people might laugh a lot more, or they might come out of their shell and into the conversation, unfiltered and unrestricted. It might be likely that someone says something they don’t really mean, or tries to get into some misadventure, like driving drunk. Just like that, as quick as the idea came, the drunk takes over and hushes the side of you that says, “Hey is this a good idea?” In the United States, there are an annual 10,000 people that die as a result of drunk driving. Keep in mind that not every accident that happens results in a death, so the number of injuries because of driving drunk are also in jaw-dropping digits. Is it worth the cost?
Additionally, consider the internal things that begin to happen when one starts drinking. They might start to enjoy the feeling of being drunk, leading them to engage in it more casually. They may use it as a way to fight off their problems or the harsh truths of life, or they might even use it as a way to pass the time. The catch is alcohol is not forgiving. It does significant and major damage to the liver, and once the alcohol motif is present in one’s life, it can be a challenge to walk away from it. Addiction and liver damage are the two main vices of alcohol, something that grips thousands of people every year. It does not matter if you are as respected as a doctor, judge, or veteran. Unsurprisingly, there are a number of vulnerable individuals out there who use alcohol to try to solve their problems, which is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. Well known and respected people fall into the trap many times, especially experienced and seasoned workers who have careers in more challenging fields and livelihoods, like politician, commentator and Andrew Napolitano for example, has seen the consequences of other’s actions and has made the decision to not repeat after their mistakes. Resultantly, these people know about the dangers. Alcohol is a problem in itself, but if one learns how to use it occasionally and keep it at arm’s length, the likelihood of them falling into alcohol’s dream-like trap is less likely.