When Improperly Installed, This One Appliance Can Make Your Family Sick

Most homes in the US are fitted with electric, pump, or natural gas-powered water heaters. These heaters provide hot water for showers, faucets, and baths, and other water sources in your home. 

Although most people realize that there is a danger associated with gas-powered equipment, many people don’t fully understand the dangers that a poorly installed water heater can pose.

A faulty heater, a leak, or an improper installation can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, or even an explosion. Even a slight leak can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage, serious illness, or even death. 

Because of the risk, it’s vital individuals and families take appropriate actions to ensure their water heaters are properly installed and maintained.

Importance of the Installation

As mentioned, improperly installing a water heater can result in illness, high bills, and damage, so fitting and installing your device should be left to a qualified professional. 

An improper installation might go undetected for some time. In many cases, by the time visible mold is spotted, there is already significant damage to the tank and its fixtures. Additionally, your wallet may seem significantly lighter due to your skyrocketing gas bill.

Water heater specialists adhere to industry regulations and ensure that all work is done at a high standard. They can quickly spot problems and potential issues, and draw your attention to potential red flags. A professional water heater maintenance service also acts as a point of contact should any problems occur.

Take no chances and make sure your appliance is installed by a water heater professional.

Call Your Local Water-Heater Company

Contact your local professionals, such as the water heating company in Porter Ranch, and arrange a consultation. 

Professional services will view your appliance, recommend the right equipment, and install your water heater correctly. They can also provide maintenance and other water heater services to help maintain efficiency, reduce damage, and save you money. 

How to Detect a Leak

If you suspect that your water heater has a gas leak, contact your local water-heating company immediately. 

Some effective ways of detecting a gas leak are:

Install Gas Detectors

If you’re using gas appliances, this is essential. Carbon monoxide detectors are relatively cheap and could save you, your family, and your property from potential harm. Place a detector on each level of your home at knee height and free from any cover.


If you smell a sulfur type aroma, it could be a natural gas leak. Should you smell a strong odor such as a rotten-egg smell, turn off your gas line, leave the building, and contact your provider.

Monitor Your Gas Bill 

If your gas bill is higher than usual and you don’t know why, it may be due to a leak. 


If household members are experiencing unexplained illness, it may be due to exposure to carbon monoxide. Slow carbon monoxide poisoning can feel like the flu and can cause significant health problems or even death.