Promoting Health and Wellness to the Masses

Helen Schifter is someone who has an understanding of the trajectory of health and wellness, insofar as it pertains to how seriously the subjects are treated by members of the public. The reality is that these topics and agenda items are not taken as seriously as they should be. That must ultimately change. So let’s be clear about these issues and not mince words.

According to Helen Schifter, this is an objective thats important and must be shared by as many members of the public as possible. It’s important that policymakers and also scholars and experts share these views as well. A fact of the matter is the way policy works; from its introduction to its ultimate enactment.

Things work from the top-down; and that’s the appropriate way to be able to capture the attention of policymakers in a way that’s durable, long lasting and sustainable. As such, let’s have influencers and those that have the public’s attention and are able to captivate it in such a way, communicating this important message on a consistent basis.

There should be a healthy and stimulating dialogue about the ways in which this conversation can be had that will surely appeal to the masses in a way that will be resounding. The key ingredient to a successful influencer campaign is how it is received by those on the target audience. In order to maximize the effectiveness of such a campaign it’s important that influencers be strategically identified for the endeavor.

Influencers should be engaged across party and political lines. they should represent the diverse pool and melting pot that is America. As such, they won’t be confined to one group or demographic; but instead be able to reach as many people as possible. There lies the key in attaining the ultimate objective that we’ll be seeking out with such a campaign.