Helen Schifter on Advocating for Wellness

Sexual Wellness

Helen Schifter has been one of the most outspoken voices in recent memory on the subject of health and wellness, and their respective importance to all of us. There are many that have written on these subjects that are of vital importance and essential to not only the survival and ability for groups of people to be able to thrive, but also their mental and emotional health. The interconnecting webs of physical health and emotional/mental health are very strong and that needs to be better communicated to the public.

Health experts like Helen Schifter have been able to develop an understanding over time concerning these shifts and dynamics. This comprehension of the issue is certainly an important first step that needs to be taken, seriously. It’s no different than a medical doctor or professional first diagnosing the medical issues that may be plaguing a patient before subscribing or proposing remedies that might be of use.

So what are some tips for one to lead a healthier lifestyle that can be embraced and appreciated?

  1. Fitness: There’s a fallacy that exists that somehow the aggressive intensity of a work-out is the only way by which the value of a workout can be measured or equated. This is wrong. Workouts can and should be assessed based on the consistency and regularity with which they are performed. This is an important message to communicate to those looking to get into a fitness regimen that is healthy and maximizes their opportunity to burn calories and strengthen their muscular foundation.
  2. Fitness Doesn’t have to take place in the gym: Another misconception that has been perpetuated over time, is the idea that all workouts have to take place in the gymnasium. As such, the gymnasium has been viewed and also treated as the hub and the venue for any and all workouts for those that wish to maintain a consistent and healthy fitness regimen. This is wrong. Fitness and workouts can be done in every-day life in all sorts of different way. Whether that be walking to work, as opposed to taking public or private transportation; or whether that be engaging in runs and jogging through the park on a weekly or even more regular basis.
  3. Maintaining a healthy diet: This is fo critical importance; and its vital nature cannot possibly be overstated. The healthiness of one’s diet does not have to affect the quality of the foods that are available to them for nourishment. This too is simply a myth that has yet to properly be debunked. There are all sorts of organic and healthy offerings available that would allow one to maintain a healthy diet while not compromising on the taste or quality of their foods. The diversity of cuisines available to people include American, Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern and other assorted cuisines that all have healthy options. “You are what you eat” is more than a cliche. It has a lot of truth to it . That needs to be understood and appreciated, thoroughly.