Elderly Care Needs to be Reformed

Nadia Kiderman understands that there needs to be drastic reforms implemented in the healthcare industry – specifically, in the aspects of the industry that are involved in providing quality care to residents and patients that are elderly, and therefore most vulnerable. The reason for this need is quite obvious; and certainly the Coronavirus pandemic and its sheer devastation that it has unfortunately caused, makes it clearer than perhaps ever before.

Accordingly, Nadia Kiderman has been at the forefront of this conversation for some time. The problems that led to what we’ve been reading and seeing the media cover concerning the nursing homes becoming a hot-bed of fatalities among their elderly residents, did not begin yesterday; nor did they begin at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, these are issues and problems that the industry as a whole has been grasping for a very lengthy period of time. But there’s been little done in the way of reform. There’s also been not much in the way of a desire to invest and expend considerable resources whether financial or through other means, in order to accomplish the ends that some might desire.

This sort of sense of complacency and a desire to keep the elderly care industry in a back-ward phase with continued usage of archaic and antiquated techniques needs to stop. It’s our hope that the Coronavirus pandemic and the tragic devastation it has wrought will contribute to applying pressure on executives of these facilities and other stakeholders to actually start enacting these changes.

These changes have been a long time coming, but our policymakers and lawmakers alike, have done nothing in the way of actually applying pressure on the relevant figures in the industry so that they enact these changes. But with time, and the proper storm of factors that have compelled this dialogue to once again emerge, it’s time for that pressure to finally be exerted.

Our nation’s most vulnerable and cherished populace are the elderly. They need to be coveted; and they deserve to be respected and treated with the greatest care in the world. As a society, we’d be showing our children and grandchildren and future generations, how to properly care for our nation’s elderly. This is a lesson and a moral lesson that they need to not only hear, but also to witness.

The quality of care that our nation’s elderly is provided needs to be one of our nation’s greatest priorities. There are few items or agenda deliverables that could possibly trump these matters in terms of importance. That’s the only way to surely take care and resolve these matters in ways that are sensible, logical and ultimately, effective.