A Proposed Movement to Promote Health and Wellness

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Shalom Lamm has operated in so many different parts of the world that he has personally been exposed to a myriad of different cultures and societies in the process. This exposure has caused him to have a renewed understanding of the need for more members of society to have an innate and nuanced understanding and recognition of the value of health and wellness. This is an important development that should be taken note of.

Those like Shalom Lamm feel that it is about time for there to be a consistent movement of communicators and influencers who are proactively seeking to change the dynamics of this conversation. Influencers should be defined and identified according to the different groups where they wield the most influence and clout.

If we were to actually engage in a thorough and strategic process of identifying such influencers, it would pay enormous dividends. For example, there are ways that we can go forward in ensuring that influencers are using their social equity, and leveraging it toward communicating these important messages to the public and to the masses.

The ways in which this needs to be done depends entirely on the current dynamics of the situation according to the situated demographics. For example, in the event that we were to consider targeting demographics by faith, we might want to employ the usage of influencers who are members in good standing of that respective faith.

The same can be said when it comes to identifying influencers according to their social equity performance relative to other considerations, demographic-wise. So if we want to target constituencies and stakeholders according to ethnicity and race, the selection of influencers that are identified must reflect that in an accurate and methodical manner.

The usage of social influencers for a movement that will seek to educate and inform the public writ large about the value of maintaining and leading a healthier lifestyle is one that is of critical importance. For that reason, its importance cannot possibly be understated. So there needs to be a true and strategic format that’s produced through which these influencers can communicate these messages.

Messages that seek to promote health and wellness among the masses that resonate, will have an enormously effective consequence on the health of society writ-large. These are messages that in some cases will need to be massaged. But in others, the influencers will be able to direct the messages on their own accord, in ways that are suitable and ultimately impactful.