Helen Lee Schifter on Promoting a Health Movement

Helen Lee Schifter has been an advocate of the need for more people to appreciate the value of health and wellness. She has written consistently on the subject over the years; and has sought to change the current paradigm which stresses other societal standards and virtues. The reality is that health and wellness need to be taken more seriously as a part of our ways of life, relative to other ingredients and motivations people might have.

According to notable observers like Helen Lee Schifter, there has been a need for a proper education of the public on these issues, given the public’s clear desire to neglect them at the expense of other matters they deem to be more significant. This is of course incredibly unfortunate; and a trend that needs to be combatted aggressively.

The reasons that people have attributed to this disturbing trend is that society seems to prize and uphold other matters as being more virtuous and significant than health and wellness. This is misguided at best; and can truly prove destructive in the long run. As such, it’s something all responsible members of society have to be sure to be dedicated to combatting along the way.

The changes that have occurred over the last decade is there has been an especially emphasized importance placed on issues surrounding professional and career development relative to anything else. This is rather unfortunate; as important as career development and pursuits of course are, they cannot be viewed as the end-all, with all other matters and priorities thrown away at the waist-side.

That’s an incredibly dangerous trend that needs to be thwarted. The most effective way of doing that? Seeking to spread an effective and aggressive influencer-driven campaign that highlights the importance of health and wellness to all members of society, regardless of their backgrounds, race, creed, faith or age group.

Each influencer would be carefully selected, crafted and tailored for their respective audience group that would be targeted. That would make sure that the audience members that are targeted have special respect and therefore attention devoted and dedicated to each particular influencer. This is an important and substantive step to recognize and comprehend the reasoning behind.

Of course, the logic is that, these influencers have followings that can be utilized for truly noble purposes. There are few things that could possibly be more noble than being able to use one’s platforms in order to persuade their audiences and followers of the value of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Young people especially, have to be educated about the value that leading a healthy lifestyle can have; and how intertwined emotional and mental health are with physical health. This is critical and plays a vital role in being able to establish a foundation that’s rooted in honesty, decency and most of all, reality.

Helen Lee Schifter in PR Newswire was featured elaborating on these important points. We need such a campaign sooner rather than later.