What You Need For A Healthy Nursery

A baby’s well-being starts with putting them into a healthy nursery. How do you design a healthy nursery? It all starts with considering what could potentially harm your baby. Many parents indeed try to protect their babies from everything, but this approach could be more harmful than helpful. Instead, try to ensure that your baby has the essential things they need to grow without being overbearing about their needs. In this article, we’ll examine what you should have for a healthy nursery and what you can do to avoid going too far to protect your baby’s health.

Crib Positioning

Although you may already have a spot picked out for your baby’s crib, is it really a safe spot? Your crib should be in an open site on the floor. Using a clearing suggests that you shouldn’t place it near to electrical cords or too close to items that may fall off shelves. Additionally, you shouldn’t set the crib too close to a window. It seems like an obvious statement, but few harried parents think about that when they’re low on sleep and shifting the crib around. Most importantly, avoid using string or hanging items over the baby’s crib. The Spruce tells us that this faux pas is more common than you think.

Look For Good Ventilation

Kids need to have fresh air coming into their rooms. Ideally, you’d have a window with a screen that still allows fresh air to enter the nursery. It may be a good idea to invest in a fan since Medical Xpress reports that a fan can lead to as much as a 72% reduction in the incidence of SIDS []. Having a clean room with enough area for the easy circulation of air and strategically places fans can help your baby remains to breathe clear and easily at all times. This unrestricted airflow also ensures that they won’t have to worry about poor brain development because of bad air circulation.

Secure Your Furniture

NBC News reported in 2012 that child injuries and deaths from collapsing furniture prompted warnings from U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC). While some of these may be due to poorly installed furnishings, it’s just as likely that parents failed to secure the furniture to their walls properly. Children, especially toddlers, love to use furniture to help them stand and walk, especially if you’re having Halloween events in your house and there are lots of furniture items around. By connecting furniture like your dresser, bookshelves, and toy boxes to the walls, you ensure that they don’t have a chance to fall on your baby and injure him or her.

Healthy Nurseries are Safe Nurseries

When you’re buying your Nuna baby essentials and shopping for the perfect crib, you should keep in mind how vital safety is for your baby. A safe nursery is one that ensures that your baby has everything he or she needs to develop. You need to give your baby the best chance to enjoy their childhood as possible. Childhood injuries could cause severe damage that might not be obvious early on, but compound later in life. But taking these precautions, you ensure that your baby has a fighting chance.