The Basics of Numerology: What Numbers Mean and More!

What’s in a number?

According to numerologists, your life path, personality, and behaviors are guided by the divine power of numbers.

Numerology is an ancient belief system with roots in ancient Greece. The growing interest and application of mathematics in ancient Greece was the ideal environment for numerology to grow.

Historians credit Pythagoras as the originator of numerology, highlighting his theories about the relationship between numbers and music. The Bible is also credited for its role in spreading the belief system.

Whether you’re a skeptic or believer, the basics of numerology offer a fascinating look into an ancient practice that’s endured for centuries.

Learn why so many people are curious about the power of numbers.

When Is a Coincidence Not a Coincidence?

Numerology attracts followers in several ways, but coincidences are the most popular reason. Coincidences make people think more deeply about events and the relationship of those events to the universe.

Maybe these coincidences aren’t coincidences at all?

Suppose you keep seeing the same stranger throughout your life in coffee shops, book stores, public transit, or even across state lines! Many people would write these encounters off as coincidences, but according to numerologists, these incidences could be your numbers at work.

Numerologists explain (and predict) life paths and events through number combinations. The basics of numerology start with five primary calculations for your life path, soul, destiny, maturity, and destiny.

Could that mystery stranger be your soul mate?

Let’s dig into the numbers to find out!

Calculating the Basics of Numerology

Five main calculations make up your numerology profile.

To find your life path number, simply add up your birthdate number, birth month, and birth year number.

Next, calculate your destiny number by adding all the letters in your name. This calculation can be tricky.

Write out all 26 letters on the alphabet; assign a number to each level in clusters of nine. Thus, the letter “A” is one, “B” is two, and “i” is nine. The rotation starts again with “J,” which also means one.

After calculating your destiny number, it’s much easier to calculate your soul and personality numbers. Your soul number is the sum of your name’s vowels, while your personality number is the total sum of the consonant letters in your name.

Your maturity number is easy to find; add up your destiny and life path numbers, and voila!

Once you calculate these numbers, start applying them to events, personality traits, connections, people, and other elements in your life.

After nailing down the basics, study more numerology concepts like 2222 meaning, Chaldean numerology, and advanced Auric theories.

Find your Number

Are you ready to make sense of these coincidences in your life?

Don’t let destiny slip between your fingers! Start with this beginner’s guide, and go beyond the basics of numerology to discover your life’s deeper meaning and purpose.

Numerology is one way to explore connections in your life. More resources are just a click away. Check out the blog to discover more curiosities, life hacks, and fascinating discoveries.