Sustainable Fair Trade Jewelers

Given the crisis that the world is in, there is a remarkable amount of sustainable brands that have risen to the occasion of helping climate change. Helen Lee Schitfer, who has some of the most luxurious jewelry in the world, urges consumers to try ethical brands because they are equally beautiful and bring higher value to the sustainable market. Ethical jewelers have dedicated themselves to sourcing earth-friendly products to have a better impact on the environment. All this jewelry is resources or repurposed. There are so many jewelers that have created masterpieces in regards to their repurposing efforts. Taking a piece from multiple different arrays of jewelry is extremely thorough and beautiful. The more additions a person makes the better the jewelry ends up looking. Soko, a jewelry brand based out of San Francisco, is doing remarkable work in regards to sustainability. Their fair trade jewelry brand is expanding its business in many entrepreneurial and normally friendly ways. They have designs that vary to ensure satisfaction for all consumers.

 Although it portrays many minimalist attributes in the designs, it still offers an array of products to consumers from all over the world. Next, 31 Bits, is an Indonesia, Ugandan, and United States brand. It ensures ethical working conditions for employees and is also fair trade. These high-quality pieces empower women in Uganda. They also offer holistic care for artisans. There are so many brands to choose from when thinking of purchasing from a sustainable company. The impact they have on the environment and also the fashion industry are monumentous. With people from all over the world expanding their target demographic, it’s clear that sustainable and repurposed jewelry is a fighting contender for eco-friendly practices. Climate change is a very heavy burden on our shoulders. It’s obvious that people don’t have the same options as they one did give that most fashion isn’t sustainable. However, if one is trying to be vocally supportive of sustainable fashion, then going to a second-hand store, tag sales, or flea markets might be the best way to make a change.

 Purchasing jewelry from big-name brands does;t help the environment in any way. There needs to be a chance in regards to ethical, fair trade, and eco-conscious jewelry making practices. The more people that make these helical purchases, the more it will benefit the environment and also the worker creating these designs. It’s not easy to create jewelry, especially if some materials vary. Nevertheless, that is all the more reason why people like Helen Lee Schifter support these brands. The colors, designs, and variations of materials that are used to create these pieces really stand out on the market. Having one a kind piece of all the more reason to start supporting these brands, especially during 2020. Gifting for the holidays will start soon, so the best time to start ordering is now. For more information, check out these sustainable brands online.