Stay In Shape This Summer With This at Home Exercise Equipment

Staying in shape this summer doesn’t have to mean an entire gym full of equipment, using only a few inexpensive and small pieces of equipment can still enable you to reach your fitness goals. The 2 primary systems of exercise, aerobic and anaerobic achieve different results, striking a balance between the two is necessary for well-rounded health.

The first, aerobic exercise is an exercise that uses respiration to fuel the muscles, leading to increased cardiovascular endurance and removing body fat. Additionally, aerobic exercises, commonly cardio, have been shown to be great for improving mental health along with physical health. Cardio doesn’t require an intense workout session, so an under-desk treadmill is perfect for usage when on a zoom meeting or browsing the internet, or any time that you can’t dedicate to working out, but still want to improve your health.

Secondly, anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise is an exercise that uses the energy stored in your muscles, primarily ATP. High-Intensity-Interval-Training or HIIT doesn’t allow for respiration in the muscles, so your body switches to fermentation to supply energy. HIIT is great for muscle gain, immediate weight loss, and vitality in aerobic and anaerobic activities. A weight bench offers an array of full-body exercises to train any part of the body.