“Sleeping with Terpenes” — All About Insomnia and CBD Flower

We talk a lot about the beneficial cannabinoids in the CBD hemp flower but the truth is that terpenes impact the effectiveness of CBD as well. Insomnia and CBD flower are a duet that has very good harmony with a variety of strains. 

CBD along with CBN are both effective in combating insomnia for many. We also know that, generally speaking, the Indica strains are ones best used in the evening and for sleeping issues. 

However, terpenes play a significant role in the effectiveness of insomnia and CBD flower. There are some studies that suggest the fruity terpene, myrcene has sedative potential along with the floral terpene of linalool. Two very good CBD flower strains are:

  • OG Kush
  • Bubba Kush

Insomnia and CBD Flower – Effective Strains

There are other CBD flowers which are effective as well for insomnia. Below are some additional strains which you can smoke, dry vape or make tea with. Another option is to make your own CBD-infused gummies so you can use a particular strain for best effects.

CBG Infused Special Sauce — Awesome for night-time as a sleep aid, efficient for reducing pain, or providing an enchanting nice blanket of calm for the day, CBG is a shining star just rising in the cannabis world. The cannabinoids present in the special sauce are expressive with a unique buzz.

Cherry Blossom — Cherry Blossom CBD flower for insomnia carries surprises for the user as it takes awhile to feel the calm. But it is desirable in the type of relaxation. Once its impact reaches full blown proportions, the overwhelming wave of calm takes over your body and mind. A light relaxation of the Cherry Blossom washes away stress and discomfort.  It is uplifting and easy so makes the comfortable choice for users wanting an experience that is more of a drifting off feel. This strain promises the outpouring of happy hormones, calm and content.

Crawford CBG

Crawford CBG has over 14.6% CBG. There is a substantial medical appeal and the consumer demand is growing as more and more benefits are making a splash. CBG is quickly rising to the equal health benefits of CBD. Crawford CBG may not have benefits for insomnia at the top of the list however it is especially beneficial for reducing pain. What does pain do to you when you go to bed at night? Oh yes, it keeps you awake. So, we are citing Crawford CBG as important for insomnia and CBD flower

Insomnia and CBD flower can be used in other forms besides smoking or dry vaping.  So for you the best way to dose before bedtime is to indulge in CBD capsules or CBD infused gummies or the great CBD energy mints, you may find the best time to “indulge in CBD” is in the evening before bedtime. This will give you the best possible benefit for CBD flowers for sleep. 

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