Signs That Your Marriage Is Headed For Divorce

Divorce is a reality for a number of couples that have varying reasons for breaking up. Financial issues are the main reason that couples get divorced as mismanagement of money can impact the quality of life directly. There are quite a number of telltale signs a marriage is headed for divorce. These differ by the relationship as all couples might value different things. Trying to repair a relationship in counseling takes time and a willingness by both parties to dedicate themselves to it. The following are signs that your marriage is headed for divorce. 


Infidelity has changed over the years in terms of emotional affairs. A person can constantly be talking with another without ever physically seeing them. Dating apps make it as easy as even to see who is available to date in the area. Rampant infidelity can mean that a relationship is over as not all people will be able to forgive this. The betrayal and lying that go along with affairs are the aspects that make a person lose complete trust in their spouse. 

Emotional/Physical Abuse

Abuse is something that cannot be tolerated but can be difficult to identify at times. There could be something like isolation from friends and family. If your spouse doesn’t approve of anyone in your life besides themselves, this should be a warning sign. The isolation could be due to the insecurity of a spouse as they know the way that they treat you is abusive. Physical abuse is far easier to identify and can be prosecuted quite easily. Take the time to evaluate your marriage to see if any form of abuse is occurring. Seeking a New Bern family law attorney is essential if any form of abuse is present when there are children. 

Not Admitting There Are Problems 

Thinking that everything is fine even though it is clearly not is a sign of denial. Taking the time to talk about problems weekly can allow problems to keep from festering. Seeking professional help can be the answer although not all marriages can be saved. Issues will not go away and will likely compound into larger problems. The worst-case scenario is letting issues turn into resentment for your spouse. This can be nearly impossible to overcome in some cases. 

Addiction Problems 

Addiction issues impact even the most successful of people. Addictions are often hidden until they cannot be anymore as they arise through financial records or behavior. The tough part of being married to an addict is that they will try to hide their abuse of substances. This allows their addiction to worsen. Catching an addiction and getting help early can save a person years of hardship and potential legal problems. There are plenty of free resources available that can be a huge help to those struggling with addiction. Even if a divorce is on the horizon, a person getting help could save their lives ultimately. 

Your marriage could be headed for divorce if any of the signs above are present. Take the time to do an honest evaluation of your marriage to see if it can truly be saved.