Should You Get Cyber Insurance?

cyber insurance

There is a very palpable fear in our times of a persistent threat of cyber attacks to any business. There has been a massive increase in attacks throughout the pandemic as there are many other weak points as more and more employees are working remotely. 

It seems like every day in the news there is a new story about ransomware, phishing, and data breaches. The last thing that we want is for us to be next. 

While it is of course best to be vigilant and take appropriate steps to guard our businesses with proper cyber security measures, nonetheless it is great to have cyber insurance as an option as well. Cyber insurance can help mitigate some of the costs of cyber attacks including legal fees. Keep in mind that cyber insurance does not make the threat go away – in fact, in some cases, hackers have been known to locate a businesses cyber insurance coverage and show the company that they are aware of it and then turn around and ask for the maximum allowed coverage dollar amount from the insurance company!

Learn more about if cyber insurance is a fit for your business today in the visual deep dive below:

What is Cyber Insurance?