ROMTech ® Revolutionary Telemedicine Technology For Home-Based Orthopedic Rehabilitation

A photo of a person on the PortableConnect ® showing how the AccuAngle works.

ROMTech ® launched as a company intent on revolutionizing rehabilitation technology. They focused early on being a leader in the industry, helping people recover faster from significant surgeries like knee replacement, hip replacement, ACL tears, and more.

Fast forward to 2023, and the company is providing licensed orthopedic professionals with revolutionary equipment that continues to receive great reviews. The PortableConnect ® is the centerpiece of their technology, and its growth has skyrocketed as more medical professionals have witnessed the benefits it provides to patients.

What Is The PortableConnect ®?

The PortableConnect ® is the main piece of telemedicine technology developed by ROMTech ®. It provides therapeutic movement in the proper range of motion for patients recovering from an injury or surgery. Instead of focusing on intensity, sessions are meant to be light and easy to complete. As time goes on, the body can start healing and recover without severe pain.

The PortableConnect ® can be set up at a medical office, but most people prefer using it at home for ultimate convenience.

Standout Features Of The PortableConnect ®

The PortableConnect ® has a range of remarkable features. Here are some major highlights that separate them from the competition.

Adaptive Pedal Technology

Adaptive Pedal Technology automatically adjusts according to a patient’s range of motion. As time goes on and the body heals, the patient’s range of motion improves, and the PortableConnect ® can be adjusted to accommodate what is needed that day. There are four different modes within the Adaptive Pedal Technology, which can be set to passive, active-assisted, active, and resistance.

The PortableConnect ® App

When patients meet with the doctor, they receive a personalized treatment plan to map out the quickest road to success. Most people will start with about 3 to 5 sessions per day, with their progress easily tracked through the PortableConnect ® app.

With each session, people get a chance to look at real-time statistics. It also gives doctors access to all that information through the app.

AccuAngle Tracking

The AccuAngle Tracking wearable goes right on the knee. It attaches to the side of the leg, relying on Bluetooth technology to measure things like flexion and extension during a therapy session. It is lightweight and easy to attach, so people don’t feel weighed down.

Detailed Clinicians Portal

Utilizing the PortableConnect ®, doctors can connect with patients at any time, whether through video chat or by providing feedback based on statistics. The portal is incredibly efficient and allows physicians to closely monitor their patients if needed.

How ROMTech ® Thrives on Results

Peter Arn, CEO of ROMTech ®, stays on top of feedback received from patients and clinicians. “Over the years, ROMTech ® has invested time and money to refine the PortableConnect ® to be as effective and low-maintenance as possible. That’s essential, because when the user experience is excellent, patients will use it more and will recover faster.” 

Sticking to a two-week time range, the PortableConnect ® gets people to about 112° for their average range of motion. In the past, getting right around 100° was considered above average. That amount might not seem like much on paper, but a 12° difference makes a huge impact.

Pain is also dramatically reduced with the PortableConnect ®. Four out of five patients have reported less pain during their recovery with the technology. That means there’s less need for narcotic medications to feel better again.

How ROMTech ® Plans to Grow in the Future

With the PortableConnect ® scoring well in reviews and overall feedback, now it’s just a matter of making it readily available for patients to utilize when they need it most. Allowing medical professionals to try out the PortableConnect ® is always a central selling point.

Medical professionals can set up a demo at any time to get a better understanding of how PortableConnect ® works. They also get a breakdown of coverage information so they can relay this information to patients worried about the overall cost. In many cases, insurance will cover a considerable amount of expenses with a PortableConnect ®.

Other than increasing exposure, the team at ROMTech ® continues to focus on making improvements going forward. This includes continuously improving the PortableConnect ® and developing new technology down the road. The demand exists for better rehabilitation equipment, and many are happy with the results once they try out the PortableConnect ®.

If patients can get their lives back without being down for too long, they are less likely to put off a much-needed surgery out of fear. A lot of people worry about rehabilitation more than the surgery itself. It can feel like a long, impossible journey with no end in sight, but results with PortableConnect ® continue to change the game.