Reasons Why Consistent Hydration Is Important For Workplace Wellness

As the man stares at tiny prints on the computer screen, his eyes are sore from sifting through hundreds of electronic files. The sun shines through the window into the break room. Just as the clock strikes 3PM, a fatigued yawn escapes the man’s mouth. As his eyes scan the screen, his mind wanders elsewhere. For these next two hours, his productivity will be negligible compared to his work throughout the day. An employer might assume lack of sleep, poor eating habits, or a difficult personal life, but one factor, often essential for workplace productivity, will fail to be considered. This man is simply experiencing an unforeseen instance of dehydration. 

It is common knowledge that humans can only live three to four days without water. And yet, when water is readily available and people have the means to drink said available water, many do not drink enough. It is recommended that a person drinks six to eight glasses of eight ounces of water per day, not accounting for factors like weight, exercise, and overall health. While many follow this recommendation unconsciously, there are also many who don’t recognize that decisive feelings of hunger or fatigue are actually feelings of dehydration. Beyond your daily inspiration, it is important not to forget the basics your body needs.

Maintaining a person’s hydration, particularly in the workplace, where one’s attentiveness and effort has a direct impact on workplace productivity, is crucial. As mentioned above, being hydrated means that more people are awake during work hours. Instead of falling asleep at the desk, the man in the aforementioned example would have been able to continue his work with higher productivity if he had maintained proper levels of hydration.

Consistent hydration means that workers spend less time eating excessively in the breakroom, which then means that these workers are maintaining healthier diets. Drinking sufficient amounts of water is clearly beneficial for the health of members of the workplace. 

Being hydrated also boosts the immune system, washing germs out of the body and preventing the development of sickness in the workplace. In office workspaces, illnesses are highly transmittable. By drinking enough water throughout the day, one can avoid the contraction and transmission of illness, which also increases productivity and decreases the number of sick days.

Drinking enough water also improves a person’s appearance. Hydration is scientifically proven to limit wrinkles and fine lines, as the skin is essentially a hydrated form of protection for the human body. When workers are more confident in appearances, they are more likely to have increased self-confidence and preparedness to work. 

While drinking water is beneficial, the act of getting up and refilling a water bottle or grabbing a cup is also beneficial. Instead of going directly towards the break room, workers have the opportunity to head towards water coolers with premium water installed in the workplace. Looking into Greensboro water delivery services or another in your area can be wise. One can stretch legs, drink some water, socialize with some other employees along the way, and then head back to a desk feeling more refreshed and ready to restart work. 

It is therefore crucial that workplaces offer clean and abundant water supply for valuable employees to drink. Hydration in the workplace is beneficial for essentially everyone, and it is absolutely imperative that people drink water throughout the day. When water is easily accessible in the workplace, productivity and worker wellness also inevitably improves.