Things To Consider When Choosing a Headstone for a Grave

To honor your loved one, you can consider having a headstone on their grave. When it comes to choosing a suitable headstone for your loved one grave, it’s always challenging for people. There are a lot of designs and dealers in the market today. With the confusion that comes with the demise of your loved one, you can make decisions you regret in the future. It’s essential to be very careful when choosing a headstone to have one that you love, is durable, and can have some meaning between you and your loved one. Before buying a headstone, you must consider many factors, such as design, installation, and price. This article will explore what you need to consider when choosing a headstone.

  • You Need a Budget

Headstones come at a cost that might be more expensive than you expect. Before choosing a headstone, it’s vital to know your amount and how much it will cost you to purchase it. To do this, visit different monument providers, compare their prices and see one that fits your budget. It is also vital to confirm the plans the deceased had, which might include the price of the headstone. 

  • Consult the Cemetery Regulations

Different cemeteries have different regulations. It’s vital before 

choosing a headstone, you consult with them to know the rules. Some will only allow a specific headstone type and size, while others will not. Another cemetery may require you to buy the headstone from them and pay the installation fees. You can consult and request installer referrals for the best price. If your loved one was a veteran, the department of veterans could provide a headstone for them. 

  • Know the Types of Headstones

When choosing a headstone, it’s essential to know the different types to make an informed decision. Here are some of the types you need to know

Upright Headstone: This is a traditional type of headstone that consists of a tablet and a base

Flat Markers: This headstone consists of a square or rectangular marker laid flat on the ground

Slant Markers: this type of headstone has a sloped face and stands upright. It’s often installed on the base.

Bevel Markers: This is also known as the pillow marker. It is often flat but slanted to make the back edge look taller than the front.

Ledger Marker: This type of headstone consists of a stone slab that lies flat on the ground. This can be used together with an upright stone at the head of the grave.

Double monument: This helps to cover two burial plots. It’s ideal for a couple or siblings.

If you don’t know about the type you want to buy, you can visit the monument and see the types they have. You can also request a customized one if you have an idea in mind or because of the deceased’s wishes.

  • Select the Material and Design of the Headstone

There are many materials used to make a headstone. You can select depending on the weather and longevity. Some materials include limestone, granite, marble, bronze, stainless steel, and slate. After choosing the material, you can choose the design.


When choosing a headstone, it’s vital to consider the above to get the most appropriate and affordable headstone. It’s crucial to ask many dealers to get a fair price. It’s also ideal that you check with the requirements of the deceased.