Pet Therapy Is Rising in Hospitals Across the Country

Whenever someone gets sick, it is important to take a well-rounded approach to healthcare. That is where pet therapy is important. The reality of that pet therapy has become incredibly popular among hospitals across the country. Even though a lot of people associate pet therapy with dogs as well, a lot of cats are playing an active role in pet therapy as well. If you are wondering what your spirit animal might be, there is a chance that you might see at walking around the hospital. What are some of the biggest benefits of pet therapy when it comes to hospitals?

First, pet therapy is a way for patients to take their minds off of what is happening to them. The reality is that just about every medical treatment has side effects. Just because the disease is being treated doesn’t mean the process is going to be comfortable. Particularly for children who do not have a complete understanding of what is happening to them or why, pet therapy is very important. Even though pet therapy is something that started out in the children’s hospital, it is becoming popular in adult hospitals as well.

Furthermore, pet therapy is also helpful for the employees. Working at a hospital is incredibly stressful. A lot of nurses regularly work 12 hours per day. A lot of doctors are at the hospital for 30 hours straight before they go home. Therefore, pet therapy is important for the people who work in the hospital also. It is important for not only patients but also hospital employees to take the time to interact with animals. Pet therapy is great because the animals show unconditional love to everyone who is there.

These are just a few of the most important benefits of pet therapy. It is not a surprise to see pet therapy becoming a staple of hospitals all over the country. It will be interesting to see if new animals are introduced into the mix when it comes to pet therapy. It provides emotional relief for patients and employees.