Online Fitness Solutions to Beat Covid-19

We are all very happy to see the end of 2020 and hopefully, the end of the Covid pandemic, which has crippled the world, yet we have risen to the challenge by offering virtual services that eliminate human contact. The fitness sector, for example, was badly affected by regular lockdowns, with the different tiers being announced and virtual fitness classes were born.

Virtual Yoga

If you would like to learn the mystical art of practicing yoga, there are online yoga classes for all levels with The House of Yoga in UK and it doesn’t matter where the yoga studio is located, as you have a remote connection with your instructor and the other participants. If you are a raw novice, the basic class would be ideal and you can search online for learning resources about yoga, as there are many forms that have their own set of disciplines. All you need is yoga clothing (essential), a yoga mat, a laptop and a few square metres of space and you are good to go.

Virtual Personal Trainer

Yes, you can hire a personal trainer who communicates with you via a video call and after an initial introduction call, the professional can assess your fitness level and help you to set achievable goals. Just because the trainer is remotely located, he or she is still with you every step of the way throughout your gruelling workout sessions, forcing you to do that little bit more every time. Virtual programs would be cheaper than if the trainer met you in the gym, which is great, yet you still have their undivided attention on a daily basis. Click here for information about a healthy diet for 2021.

Pilates Classes

Many women prefer Pilates to yoga or a straight workout and like yoga studios, you can join an online Pilates class, just make sure you have the equipment at home. You can interact with the instructor as you would if you were in the same room, you can also talk to the other students. Some people are reluctant to use IT solutions but once you understand how it works, there are no issues, as long as you have a desktop PC, tablet or laptop.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

This is the technology that enables audio and video communication, using the Internet rather than a phone line; free applications such as Zoom and Skype can be downloaded and you can call a few friends and check out the video quality. It isn’t only the fitness sector that makes good use of VoIP solutions; the medical profession and counselling services can be delivered in a virtual way. Lawyers have made the switch to virtual consultations and with email and file sharing, it is possible for the legal expert to carry out their work.

Working out from home has many benefits, no travelling, which saves you time and money and you can join a class with hours that suit you.