Network Detection and Response Systems: Increasing Cyber Security

Network Detection and Response

Did you know it can take months for traditional cyber security systems to detect encrypted security threats? Attackers are working in network dark space which makes it much more difficult for IT professionals to detect and track security threats. What’s more, in 2021 90% of web traffic was encrypted which also contributes to security systems being unable to detect ransomware.

Network detection and response (NDR) systems make it possible to detect malware on secured network sessions without decryption. NDRs can detect anomalous network traffic that traditional tools miss, monitor traffic flow from all sides, and provide real-time alerts to security teams. These components of NDRs allow IT professionals to feel more confident in their ability to handle security threats and make it easier to solve those threats in a timely manner. 

NDRs are a great tool to increase cybersecurity. Now that almost every aspect of life can be conducted online, it is important to protect the security of your network. NDRs are able to provide the extra security that traditional security systems cannot, and they can be deployed to your network in just a matter of minutes. Learn more about the benefits of NDRs and how they can increase your cyber security in the infographic below:

What is Network Detection & Response?
Source: Live Action