Know the Equipment, Supplies, and Right Tools To Make the Most Engaging Custom Banners

After getting the essentials of banner making, plotter, printer, software, or PC, you may proceed to add some specialized and unique hardware. You’ll find that the finished ones have hemmed or sealed edges along with grommets. They may also showcase some other hanging method. 

  • With the opulence of pre-finished, complete grommeted banner blanks, you can look for other options. 
  • Affix the grommets and seal every edge with nifty tools. 
  • You also need a grommet setter and essential dies. The former is a simple yet rugged and strong machine. It pierces and bypasses the banner material to set grommets in order to hang the concerned banner. 
  • It does take time to set the grommets, but they also allow you to buy the banners rolls in place of blanks. The latter is more economical. 
  • If you’re printing banners, setting your grommets is crucial because you cannot feed or accommodate grommeted banners through a digital printer. 
  • You can find various grades or varieties of grommet setters/bases on the market. The popular choices are Sooper Ace and Stimpson. They provide your customers with ease-of-use and the best performance. 
  • There are grommet alternatives like banner tabs, which you can place on the banner blank’s corner. You can use them alongside traditional grommets. 

Understanding banner production

For your banner to ensure optimum effect, it needs to pass through numerous production steps. You feed the PVC vinyl and printing substrate from a huge roll, and put it inside a digital printing machine. 

  • Cutting the banner is your second process. After printing, you put the roll on a big cutting table. Cut the individual prints to their final size. 
  • Control the machine-cutting arm with a computer. It helps in an accurate cutting of the banner in compliance with a specific size.
  • Hem welding is the third step. You can hem the custom banners by folding and bonding the edges at high temperature. You perform this extra processing on every four sides of the banner.
  • The last step is to apply the 12 banner eyelets. You apply the transparent and plastic eyelets in quick succession. They help you to mount the banner securely to a scaffold or fence. Your production is complete. 

The best format printers

Outdoor banners are a great tool to make an impact in a congested, busy street environment. There are eco-solvent and rust-resistant wide format digital printers to create some of the catchiest vinyl banners in gripping, vibrant shades.

  • The standing, A-frame banners and boards are also very popular. They thrive on cutting-edge vinyl cutting mechanisms and inkjet printers (eco-solvent). The Pub A-banners and boards help you go beyond conventional designs.
  • Restaurants, galleries, shops, and other roadside businesses can benefit a lot from standing banners, A-boards, and banner pop-ups with their engaging graphics. You print them directly onto the vinyl displays or substrate.
  • You can install dye-sublimated outdoor banners and signage, teardrop banners, flags, and soft signage outdoors. 

They have the additional dimension to ensure more movement in the face of winds. They can bring your event advertising or business promotion to life.