Is Tea Helpful with Cleaning Toxins in the Body

glass being filled from a tap with filtered water

There are so many benefits that tea has to offer. One of those benefits includes cleaning the toxins within the body. Helen Lee Schifter explores here Zen Buddist culture by participating in tea ceremonies. By drinking a substantial amount of tea one clears a lot of sugar, chemicals, and other toxins a body might possess. 

Green tea has so many benefits. It can provide energy and antioxidants that the body needs. Teas have so many possibilities to cure diseases as well. Keeping either jasmine, black tea, and chamomile tea in the pantry can be very helpful when someone falls ill. When one goes to the doctor they always recommend that fluid is very important to drink. What many look over are the importance of tea and hot fluids. When people go on diet detoxes they also use the tea method because it highly helps with digestion. Helen Lee Schifter uses it to help her body stay healthy, especially in winter months.