Are There Healthy Alternatives to Candy?

With Halloween being right around the corner, many people are wondering if there are alternative candy to choose from.  It’s important to keep children healthy during these times so having them eat high sugar and high-fat snacks is not ideal. Wellness mentors like Helen Lee Schifter believe replacing snacks for healthier options might be the way to go this fall season.

Of course, the fruit is the best alternative. If a family is at home celebrating this sweet holiday, having a bowl of colorful fruit is a great way to get nutrients in the body while still having a sweet treat. In addition, there are organic snack packs that can be found at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.There are brands like Annie’s or Black Forest that offer a variety of “healthy” candy. Helen Lee Schifter recommends Smart Sweets, which are identical to the candies we know and love, but with minimal sugar. Overall, there are plenty of ways to be creative and healthy this Halloween.