C4 Healthlabs Review: Hemp Oil for Pain

C4 Healthlabs is a direct-to-consumer CBD oil retailer that is taking the CBD oil market by storm. In preparation for this C4 Healthlabs review, I examined the brand’s website and customer reviews, which are numerous and overwhelmingly positive.

As it happens, I’ve also tested C4 Healthlabs products with the support of my mental health provider. Specifically, I used the Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil (1000 MG) and CBD Chocolate Bar (100 MG). I am a combat Marine Corps veteran recovering from PTSD and insomnia and found that these products (particularly the 1000 MG CBD Oil tincture) made a noticeable difference.

While the Farm Bill legalized the sale and distribution of CBD oil products in 2018, these products are not legally considered treatment or cures. However, patients do use CBD oil to help them manage certain symptoms – like pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety – and provide a welcome alternative to traditional medication and its unpleasant side effects. 

If you are considering using CBD oil for the first time, I strongly recommend that you consult a medical professional to help you monitor results and find the right dosage.

C4 Healthlabs Review: An Overview

One of the main reasons that I love C4 Healthlabs is because their hemp extract is top quality. There are no “surprise” ingredients, and the amount of CBD oil in each product is as advertised.

Customer reviews for all products never fall below four stars, and every product averages 4.8 stars or higher. Most C4 Healthlabs products have tons of reviews. For example, C4’s most popular product, Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil – Citrus 1000 MG, had nearly 400 verified customer reviews when I wrote this review.

C4 Healthlabs also does a great job providing product disclaimers and third party testing within their product listings. All CBD Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are located in the product images. 

The only cons I found were that I couldn’t buy C4 products on Amazon, and I would have liked to do so since I’m a Prime member. But, as a veteran, I enjoy a 20% discount on my CBD thanks to their Civil Servants program, so I enjoy savings from that end. This savings program is open to active, retired and reserve military and their families; teachers; and first responders. B Lastly, the C4 product line is limited. But rest assured, what they do produce is high quality.

C4 Healthlabs Pros

  • Product transparency
  • Great customer reviews
  • Fast, reliable shipping
  • Citrus flavor (Full Spectrum Hemp Extract) is delicious
  • All products are organic
  • Civil Servants 20% Savings Program

C4 Healthlabs Cons

  • Not a brand you’ll find on Amazon or other distributor websites
  • Limited product selection

CBD Oil Products – Telling the Difference Between Good and Bad Products

Since the United States legalized CBD oil products two years ago, too many CBD oil retailers filled the market with poor products. However, an increasing number of trustworthy brands – like C4 Healthlabs – have exemplified product transparency and undeniable results.

By law, CBD oil products may not carry more than .3% THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana). Top brands make liberal use of third party test results to prove to customers that their products are of the highest quality.

Does CBD Oil Help with Pain?

CBD oil does not cure or treat pain. However, many patients report less pain when using CBD oil products. C4 Healthlabs customer reviews attest that they enjoy a significant decrease in pain and an increase in functionality.

That said, every individual is different, and not all experience the same results.

C4 Healthlabs Customer Reviews – Hemp Oil for Pain

The following customer reviews attest to how C4 Healthlabs products are helping them manage pain. At the time of this review, I could not find any negative reviews about C4 CBD oil products.

“I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I am recovering from a major back surgery (the second in 4 years). The CBD oil helps me to sleep and reduces pain during the day.” – Verified buyer of Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil – Natural 500 MG

“I bought the 1000mg on June 2. When I get up in the AM I take .50 ml under the tongue. I had osteoarthritis pain in my wrist and hand and I suspect in my right hip. I’m doing some very strenuous work on our garden area, shoveling, lifting, constructing raised beds, etc. After 4 hours, I’m whipped but feel good because I know I burned a lot of calories. Then I realize my joints mentioned above aren’t aching. So I’ve been doing the .50 ml each AM.” – Verified buyer of Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil – Citrus 1000 MG

“I was taken off of nsaids because of ulcers and needed something other than opioid for pain relief. This helps.” – Verified buyer of Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil – Natural 500 MG

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a reliable CBD oil brand, I strongly recommend C4 Healthlabs. You can count on C4 Healthlabs having premium products, and you won’t have to worry about foreign substances.

As a reminder, be sure to inform your doctor if you plan to try CBD oil for the first time. They can advise you on your ideal dose and help you track results.