Influence Networks: Your Way to Success in Higher Education and Business

influence networks

In our increasingly interconnected world, having influence is a surefire way to ensure success. In fact, both the higher education and business sectors have begun harnessing this power through the creation of alumni networks. For universities, these networks allow them to increase fundraising. For companies, these networks allow them to better access the labor pool, boost business development, and create a positive workplace community.  

While these benefits may seem too good to be true, they are supported by research. A large alumni network gives a company a 4.5X increase in innovation, and makes them look 6X more attractive to prospective employees. In addition to increasing fundraising, an alumni network benefits a university by supporting their students’ entrepreneurial ventures, as relative size of the network is considered the most important factor in early financing. 

An alumni network is most likely to succeed if all parties engage with it. By volunteering for committee roles and staying in contact with those they have connected with, current students and employees are doing their part. By sharing professional expertise and receiving benefits from their previous organization as a result, alumni are doing their part. This engagement best allows for one’s influence and following success to persist for years to come. 

The Power of Influence Networks
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