Reviews on Soocas Spark Sonic Toothbrush

With the rapid development of technology, electric toothbrushes are becoming more common. However, some people still feel skeptical about it and if it really is better than manual toothbrushes. I just recently got a Soocas Spark Sonic Electric Toothbrush, so I will be using Spark as an example to list out some of the differences between electric toothbrushes and regular, manual toothbrushes.

Vibration Frequency

The vibration frequency of a toothbrush is the key factor in determining how effective an electric toothbrush is at cleaning. When we use our hands to brush our teeth using a regular toothbrush, we can reach up to 180 times vibration per minute. This may sound like a lot but in comparison to the 30,000 times vibrations per minute from Spark, the 180 seems very minimal. The vibration from Spark is approximately 167 times of our hands so it is not a surprise that electric toothbrushes are more effective when cleaning.

Cleaning Capability

Having good cleaning power is simply not enough to maintain proper oral health without having good coverage of the teeth. There are many blind spots in the mouth that are ignored, this results in a residue and bacterial build over time. The rotating electric toothbrush, due to its round brush head, is difficult to reach in different spots. Using Soocas Spark as an example, the sonic electric toothbrush utilizes vibration to ensure the bristles can reach all the gaps to have full coverage of the teeth when cleaning.

Brushing Duration

Admit it, you don’t ever brush the full 2 minutes every time you brush your teeth. Most people often just brush their teeth for the sake of brushing them, without actually brushing in great detail and with enough time. Electric toothbrushes like Soocas Spark have programmed timers to keep track of how long you should be brushing. Furthermore, Spark has a 30-second zone switch reminder to remind the user to switch to another area to brush in 30-second intervals. Features like this help to practice a more scientific way of taking care of teeth and build better habits.

Overall, electric toothbrushes are better at cleaning and they have been proven to be a good tool to use. However, children, elders, and those suffering from oral diseases are recommended to consult guidance from their dentist before purchasing one.

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