Why Remote Work Needs Balance With the Hybrid Workplace

hybrid workplace

Can all of this remote work lead to burnout? It should come as no surprise that this could be possible. While it can be beneficial to work anywhere and anytime, it starts to erode and blur the lines of whatever little work life balance we have left. When we are always on and don’t take enough breaks, we may start to do sub par work and be short with one another in the workplace. 

Unfortunately, it can’t be a time where everyone can get back to work safely with a global pandemic going on. Some are feeling unsafe when it comes to large crowds and public transportation. Many protocols aren’t allowing 100% of workers back into the office at the same time, and potential vaccine mandates will complicate matters even further.

The world – and us at work – need some semblance of normalcy and balance in our work life situations once again. The hybrid workplace is a hopeful middle ground to get us there. It optimizes the flexibility of remote work while also minimizing the number of people in the office – at least at the same time.

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the hybrid workplace in the following visual deep dive below:

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