Infinite CBD: A Leader in the Cannabis Industry

Infinite CBD says it’s ready to start a CBD revolution. When in fact, the revolution has already begun.

In 2016, John Ramsay and Stephen Ryan founded a company to sell the purest, finest CBD oil products available anywhere in the world from their home state of Colorado. They started with $200 and no investors in an industry that financial institutions, lenders, and merchants still regarded with suspicion, hostility and most simply refused to work alongside.

A Runaway Leader

Today, Infinite CBD is one of the most popular CBD companies in the country, with explosive sales and growth that isn’t stopping anytime soon. They’ve expanded from selling their flavored CBD gummies, the Asteroid Gummy, to a complete range of edible and topical products. Infinite CBD can now boast more than 45,000 customers, more than 1000 wholesale locations, and a 96% customer satisfaction rating.

The company still has no investors and is poised for even bigger growth in 2021.

What are the puzzle pieces that have been placed together to create this amazing success?

Cornerstones of Success

Certain things have been true of Infinite CBD from the beginning.

Purity of product: Infinite CBD uses only pure CBD isolates refined from organic, Colorado-grown hemp. The owners work with small farmers to produce isolates that are 99% pure. They provide independent laboratory results with every product.

In-house production: Ramsay and Ryan control every aspect of their products, from working with local growers to employing in-house chemists to create every new product. Every product undergoes rigorous testing for purity and quality. This focus has never changed.

Persistence: It seems incredible now, but at the time, processors and financial institutions didn’t trust the CBD industry. Despite being turned down by dozens of financial institutions in their early days, Infinite CBD persisted. When payment processors charged them exorbitant fees because they were a CBD company, they rode it out. Ryan and Ramsey continued to forge ahead in the face of many early setbacks.

Customer focus: Infinite CBD wants to educate all consumers about the properties and use of CBD isolates. They recently redesigned their website and packaging to make everything sleeker, more compact, and more easily digestible for the consumer. The website is chock-full of informative articles geared at both educating newcomers and giving experienced CBD users new and exciting news about the product and the industry as a whole..

Variety of Product: Infinite CBD started as a maker of CBD droppers and capsules. Today, you can buy Infinite CBD edibles, topicals, droppers, creams, lubricants, nano shots, pet products, and more. The company has expanded to sell terpenes and multi-cannabinoid products.

Ethical practices: The company follows strict ethical environmental practices. Infinite CBD works with small organic hemp farmers in Colorado and is proud to help support an important local industry. The company is certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and offers various vegan options in its product line. Socially, Infinite CBD supports a myriad of causes including the contribution of 5% of all sales of their Asteroid Gummies to the Trevor Project to help LGBTQ youth throughout Pride Month.

They Wanted to Help

Infinite CBD began with a great, simple idea. John Ramsay noticed how using CBD oils vastly improved a friend’s mood and well-being. He and Stephen Ryan decided there must be a way to get pure CBD to people in an affordable, user-friendly product.

A desire to help other people feel the same way led to the development of an initial, CBD capsule that Ramsay and his friend Stephen Ryan began handing out to people they knew. From these early reactions, Ramsay and Ryan realized there was a potentially mega-sized untapped market for top-quality CBD products at affordable prices just waiting for them.

CBD isolates from Infinite CBD are created to contain and evaluated to make certain that there is no trace of or only the tiniest bit of THC, the cannabinoid that gets users ‘high’. Users are 99.999999% sure to pass a drug test after using Infinite CBD products.

Infinite CBD was the first to…

The company has embraced innovative ideas from the start. Its Asteroid Gummies were the first 100% natural and vegan gummy in the industry. Infinite CBD continues that trend with other revolutionary products like its Nano CBD, Terpene Droppers and Launch Pad, a CBD-infused ointment for pets’ paws.

Infinite CBD was the first CBD producer to offer:

  • CBD isolates that are close to 100% pure.
  • True Nano CDB
  • Products made from hemp that have zero traces of THC.
  • ‘Taste-less’ droppers.
  • 100% natural and vegan gummies.
  • Quality products at affordable prices.

The Power of Listening to Your Customers

From day one, Infinite CBD has solicited its customers’ opinions about its products to keep improving. On learning that the gummies left a powdery aftertaste, this led to Infinite CBD reformulating their flavoring to improve their taste.

A Fearless Future

Infinite CBD still has no investors, and it is riding on top of a CBD industry that is now respectable and well-regarded. The founders have continued innovating, listening to customers, and insisting on offering products that meet the highest standards of purity and quality. 

John Ramsay, Stephen Ryan, and the Infinite CBD team have no plans to stop now. With the CBD industry just beginning to take root in the states, they have boundless possibilities stretched out before them.