Importance of Compassion

people joining hands in a meeting

According to Cory Harow, compassion is one of the main things that the very essence of society is composed of. Compassion is something that society, as a whole should try and maintain. The definition of compassion is having a softness in your heart so that when people are hurting, sick, or in trouble, you want to offer help to them. There are so many reasons that people should want to be compassionate. There are so many people in the world who are self-centered and do not care about anything that anyone else has going on. Today’s generation are so consumed with the things that are going on with them, that they have a hard time showing emotion when things are going on with other people.

Another reason that it is important to be compassionate is because people are going through stressful things that you may not be aware of. Mr. Harow states “Kindness is a gift that increases when it’s given away.” Kindness could be as simple as paying attention to the simple things and just offering a small appreciation can reconstruct a person’s mental health. Having compassion and being understanding for one another is the main way that society as a whole communicates. How people communicate with one another, determines the type of communication skills that children in the future will have. Even before children have developed, they communicate through their emotions.

The world would be a much better place, according to Cory Harow, if people were more compassionate to one another. He also believes that it is necessary for people to be able to know when appreciation is given so that stress can be relieved. According to studies, serotonin is responsible for relaxing the mind and body. Serotonin levels can rise when gratitude is both given and received.

A simple gesture of kindness can change how someone’s day is going. You never know how being respectful and understanding can lift someone’s spirits. If people were more compassionate about other people’s opinions and feelings, there would be a lot less killing going on in the world. People would be more likely to talk out the problems that they have with one another instead of being so quick to fight about the small things in life. Compassion can make a world of difference in how people are raised and the things that are acceptable in society and in a household. Compassion can be taught when children are young versus when they are older because then they will have more of an understanding on how others should be treated when they see things.

Compassion, the ability to understand and being respectful is something that should be instilled in children. It should also be something that is practiced in everyday life so that you may be able to uplift someone’s spirit and in return someone will do the same for you when the day comes that you may not be having such a great day. It is a necessary part of life and functioning.