How You Can Maintain Your Health During Lockdowns and Social Distancing

The pandemic has caused a number of people to gain weight due to falling into unhealthy habits. The alcohol consumption of the average person has skyrocketed due to boredom and lack of social interactions. Keeping your health as a focus is the first step as you need to be hyper aware of your habits during this time. You could come out of this pandemic looking better than ever with your friends being jealous when they see you! Starting your healthy habits immediately is important as putting off eating healthy or going to the gym is extremely easy. The following are tips to keep your health at all-time highs during lockdowns.

Start Meal Prepping/Cooking Fresh Meals

A dedication to meal prepping and cooking fresh meals can change your quality of life. You would be surprised at how different you feel when eating a clean diet for an extended period. Elimination of ordering in can reduce the calories that you consume as portions from restaurants are usually larger than you would serve yourself. Grocery stores deliver throughout the country which can allow you to receive fresh ingredients daily.

Cardio from Home Can Offer Convenience

Going to the gym is not at the top of everyone’s list during this time. You can easily invest in fitness equipment for the home that you can use daily. Stationary bikes and treadmills are popular options that can be used for extended periods. Clearing your emails before starting work for the day while doing cardio is the definition of multitasking. Being able to get your heartrate up during your Netflix binge can allow you to get in great shape while staying entertained. You can even watch motivational videos during your workout if you are having trouble pushing yourself to new levels.

Don’t Slack on Your Annual Checkups

Telehealth services are now more widely available than ever before. You do not want to skip important checkups when you have the option of doing this remotely. Dental appointments cannot be done virtually but your primary care doctor might have started offering these services. Eliminating the waiting room can help ensure you are not exposed to anyone that has the virus or any other type of ailment.  

Cut Your Alcohol Intake/Quit Smoking

Far too many people have resorted to an extra couple of drinks to entertain themselves. Addiction is easy to fall into and people rarely make great dietary decisions after a few drinks. Reducing your alcohol consumption can be a huge difference maker in your weights as alcohol contains empty calories. Quitting smoking is possible during this time even if you stress levels are at all-time highs. Start tapering your nicotine intake until you completely quit. There are plenty of programs that can help assist with this if you are having trouble.

Lockdown doesn’t mean that you should let your health go downhill. You should make this a focus as the last thing you want to do is focus on the never-ending saga that the news presents on the reopening of the US.