How to Prevent Workout Injuries

If you are trying to get into workout and fitness, one of the most discouraging things you can face as a beginner is a workout injury. And sadly, beginners are also the most likely to encounter injuries, given that (a) their bodies haven’t built up a lot of endurance yet, and (b) they haven’t mastered the proper forms and techniques needed to safely perform certain activities.

A severe workout injury can knock you out of commission for months, which is extra bad if you are still struggling to turn exercise into a routine. With that in mind, here are some basic tips you can follow to prevent common workout injuries.

1 – Don’t overstretch

Stretching is good and important, as more flexibility comes with a variety of benefits and can make certain activities easier to perform. That said, there is such a thing as too much stretching, especially if you are beginning. And forcing your joints and muscles to stretch can cause injuries.

If you don’t have a personal trainer there to guide your stretch session, you’ll want to err on the conservative side with your stretches. Hold stretch poses for only 15 to 30 seconds, and don’t push much past the point where the stretch becomes uncomfortable. It’s also wise to do some light activity before stretching, as the increased blood flow will prevent injuries and help you stretch more comfortably.

2 – Mind the pain

Beginners are more prone to not understanding the difference between serious pain and workout discomfort, so it’s important to pay attention to all pain. If you feel that something is not right, do a quick search to see if that type of pain is normal or not.

As a general rule, pain that doesn’t go away even when you are lying down resting is bad news. And pain that doesn’t diminish within 24 hours may also be bad news. A good workout may leave you sore for a few days if you aren’t used to it, but the pain will decrease over time, not stay flat or increase.

3 – Vary your routine

Doing the same exercise every day can greatly increase your chances of suffering injuries. It’s important to vary your workout regime so you’ll give certain muscle groups a chance to rest, while also building up other areas of your body.

Alternating between different exercises that target the same muscle group can also help reduce the damage caused by doing an individual activity improperly. If you don’t have the correct grip on your dumbbells, but you only use them once a week, then the impact will likely be minimal.

4 – Take care of yourself

Exercise works best when it’s part of a greater self-care regime. Make sure you’re eating properly, getting the necessary sleep, and getting the right vitamins. Workout supplements and natural supplements like CBD dabs can all help make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice from others. Plenty of beginners feel intimidated asking questions to people in person, but you can always connect with other fitness enthusiasts online to learn and share experiences.