How To Increase Hair Growth

How To Increase Hair Growth

Long hair. It is something that girls around the world dream of having. Long, lush, beautiful hair. That does not fall out. 

We get it, hair is such an important physical feature and one that literally every single person wants to have. It is nothing to be bashful about! Healthy hair is all the rage and there is no problem wanting that for yourself. 

For the average person, hair normally grows a quarter inch per month. But that also comes with a range of split ends and a lot of nuisance. 

Hair growth is something that, while it is not easy, is something that a trained professional can help you with! Yes, that is correct. You can seek out professional help from trained professionals to help you grow your hair and feel confident about your appearance! But that is not the only way. There are a whole range of tips to help you get started on your hair growth journey. 

Say goodbye to the days of fretting over your diminishing hair on top of your head and say hello to absolutely loving your head of hair. 

Tip #1: Get frequent haircuts 

Beauty experts around the world agree, the more you get your hair trimmed, the faster it will actually grow. If you want long, healthy-looking hair, frequent trips to the hair salon are a must. Otherwise, you can say hello to split ends, frayed hair and constant breakage. On average, you should aim to see your hair stylist once every 10 to 12 weeks to increase healthy hair growth. 

Tip #2: Use hair growth vitamins

In the world of supplements for just about everything, you can rest assured there are a range of hair supplements to help you grow your hair. Taking hair growth vitamins in addition to a balanced diet will allow your body to naturally strengthen your hair and allow it to grow more. This is thanks to the likes of vitamin D, A, C and E, along with biotin and folic acid. If you are having issues with hair growth, a trip to the doctor (even medical hair professionals, yes there is such a thing) is definitely worthwhile. 

Tip #3: Shampoo and Conditioner routine

Hair growth goes hand in hand with your shampoo and conditioning routine. The worst thing you could ever do to your hair is not wash and condition it. It is important to wash away the build up and dirt products and aid natural oils to keeping your hair strong. In addition, washing your hair in cold water boosts your hair growth power.  Seriously, washing hair in cod water helps your hair lay out more smoothely and prevents unnecessary loss of hair during the wash. Cold showers might suck temporarily, but all in the name of health hair growth, right?

Tip #4: Avoid heating tools on the hair

Hair straighteners, curling wands and chemical relaxers are all absolute killers for hair growth. The damage these do prevent your hair from growing in a health manner. If you really need to style your hair, use a heat protectant. Every.Single.Time. And, while we are on the topic, brush your hair gently. Aggressively combing your hair causes physical damage and prevents hair growth. So take it easy on the brushing. 

Tip #5: Seek professional help

Sometimes, when all else is not working, there is no shame in seeking professional help. There are a range of medical professional services that specialize in helping patients with hair growth. For those that nothing else works, there are cutting edge hair transplant options known as Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). These procedures help hair growth happen faster, safer, and more efficiently. 

Are you excited about starting your own hair growth journey with these tips? Say goodbye to hair growth frustration and hello to hair growth success!