How to Improve the Taste of Water

glass being filled from a tap with filtered water

It is important that you get the necessary hydration that your body needs, but sometimes it can be hard to drink water because of the taste. There are a lot of contributing factors to why your tap water might not taste good, but here are also a few solutions to the problem.

Boil It

The easiest way you can improve the taste of your water is for you to boil your water. This may take some planning in advance if you do not like drinking straight hot water. You will need to boil it early enough that it has time to cool before you need it.

Buy a Filter

Another option is to buy a filter. The filter can either fit your tap, or you can purchase a filtered pitcher and keep it in the fridge. If it is time for a refrigerator upgrade, you could take it a step further and purchase a fridge with the water filter attached. Keep in mind that you will need to change out the filters every few months so that the quality of the water is not compromised.

Install a Filtration System

You can also have The Water Heater Company in Santa Monica install a water filtration system for your home. When doing so, you do not have to worry about the small water filter replacements, but know that you have a whole water filtration system that improves not only the taste, but also the quality of water you use.

Add Fruit, Herbs, or Cucumbers

Now that you have a way to purify your water, you can add natural flavors to make your water taste more interesting. Slice up some cucumbers or add fresh mint leaves, basil, ginger, rosemary or cilantro. When all else fails, consider drinking sparkling water, or seltzer if you are looking for something that simulates drinking soda.

Use fruits and vegetables. Take a lemon, lime or orange and slice them. Add those slices to your glass or reusable bottle of water. You can also infuse your water with berries, pineapples or melons. Either take a few pieces of these fruits and drop them into your water, or you can freeze the bits of fruit in ice cube trays.

You can also drink bottled water and get the small portable water bottles that are perfect for when you’re on the go. However, to help save the earth from more plastic waste, another option is to get large jugs of water which you can refill at the store and use those as a source of water. 

Clean, filtered water not only tastes better but it also helps your skin look healthier, your hair feel softer, and your dishes be cleaner too with fewer water spots.


It is crucial that you get the necessary water that your body needs in order for it to work properly. You deserve clean, refreshing water. Water is essential, so why not make it taste good? You can explore all these different options to determine which method fits your lifestyle best. You can explore all these different water softener options at All Great Appliances to determine which method fits your lifestyle best.