How Dehydration Affects You Physically and Mentally

glass being filled from a tap with filtered water

When the weather’s nice, people tend to play sports, take their children to parks, or go to amusement parks or other fun activities. Helen Lee Schifter believes that it is important to drink lots of fluids while people are out and about doing those activities. Summertime has the hottest months of the year no matter where people live. If they are not drinking enough, then dehydration can happen. Always drink water, but there are ways dehydration can affect a person’s mood such as; will cause people to feel ill, can cause them to be irate, and it can cause a disruption of lives.

Dehydration is very serious, and it can cause someone to fall seriously ill. People could experience dizzy spells, become hospitalized, or even have heart attacks if they are not drinking enough fluids. These things can happen whether people are inside or outside. To prevent them from falling ill and making those trips to the hospital, drink lots of fluid. Another illness people can get from not drinking enough are migraines. If they have to remind themselves, then carry a bottle of water with them at all times. For the people that are severely dehydrated, they will need to have fluids put in their body and that usually takes place at a hospital.

People can also get very angry when they are dehydrated, and that ties into their mood. It’s very frustrating dealing with this feeling. When people don’t drink enough, it causes them to feel uncomfortable in their own skin. They can get very stressed out and start feeling anxious. If people start feeling that way, then they need to grab the closest thing to a drink as they can. If nothing is available, then splash some cold water on the face to cool down the temperature.

People may not feel up to doing anything due to illness or their mood due to feeling dehydrated. It can cause a disruption in the lives of loved ones around that person. No one can get anything done or be able to experience the outdoors until they are hydrated and start to feel better. The most important thing is their health; everything else is not of concern.

Helen Lee Schifter reminds everyone that drinking fluids is a must especially when they are participating in activities. She reminds people to drink water and that tea is also good for the body. Gatorade is great for the body especially during sports activities. Juice is great for kids to have, but it’s better for them to have half water and half juice so they can still get that water in them. The one drink that will not help dehydration is soda. Soda is extra sugar, and it may increase dehydration. Just remember dehydration can cause illnesses, can cause anger, and can cause disruptions. Drinking water will help avoid that and plus it’s good for the body and mind. Water is everyone’s fuel to keep going and to stay energized throughout the day and to keep going.