How American Breakfast Habits Have Changed

american breakfast habits

If you were to ask a random selection of Americans what their favorite meal is, you can bet that many of them would say it’s breakfast. Breakfast is a very big deal for Americans and we love breakfast food so much that we’ll eat it at any time of the day. However, the biggest reason why any of us skip this meal is because of a lack of time. 

Fifty percent of Americans think that breakfast takes longer to make than lunch or dinner, and as much as we love our breakfast, 63% of us would rather get a little extra sleep than to wake up in time to make our eggs and bacon. 

Interestingly enough, the pandemic did very little to change the number of people who are consuming breakfast. The number is about the same pre or post pandemic, however, cooking at home has increased by 60%. One might think that we would have seen a decrease in breakfast consumption as working from home means no longer swinging by the local Starbucks for oatmeal on the way to the office. 

Thanks to convenience breakfast foods, it looks as though those who would have opted for a quick solution on the way to work are still finding speedy solutions in their own kitchens. Three cheers for breakfast!

How The Pandemic Changed American’s Breakfast Habits