Health and Wellness Should be a Priority

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Helen Schifter has spent considerable and substantial time studying the various patterns and trends of the way the immune system responds to various stimuli. Indeed, one of the many consequences of the Coronavirus health pandemic has been a renewed understanding, appreciation and even urgency for the value of health and wellness. But there are those like Schifter who have spent much time well pre-dating this time studying this subject in great detail.

For a myriad of reasons, health is often thrown by the waist-side; in a very misguided fashion. This is done at the expense of other endeavors that some wrongly believe to be of greater importance. These include commercial pursuits and career developments. There are those in the health community who have been seeking to shed light on this issue for some time, but have had their voices drowned out by Wall Street and those that have a self interest in continuing this misguided pattern of behavior.

This trajectory of conduct, is one that needs to be re-examined in light of the health pandemic. According to Helen Schifter and other health experts, there are few if any constructive things that have come of the Coronavirus health pandemic. But there’s no question, and little equivocation that it has given us all the time and opportunity to reflect on where we stand in terms of prioritization and what we prize over other matters in terms of importance.

This is a sad reality but one that is worthy of examination. Of course, it can only be one’s hope that people in the commercial context and in the financial services industry begin realizing the importance of preserving one’s health and wellness. These are not outdated rituals that we can continue to afford to neglect at the expense of other pursuits. Indeed, health is an unquantifiable and incalculable commodity that is worthy of anything. There’s a reason that the old saying goes that a wise man would give anything of material worth in exchange for good health.

But we cannot allow the pendulum to continue swinging too much to the side of complacency when it comes to issues of health. Indeed our youth and the coming generations deserve far more from us. When one observes the way health as an issue has been totally disregarded in too many cases, which has led to an obesity epidemic that’s spiraled out of control among young people, it’s worthy of concern. Helen Lee Schifter continues being a sane and resilient voice on this subject. Without doubt one that is worthy of drawing our collective attention to.

Health and wellness must be taken far more seriously than they presently are by the broader public and by influencers and people of prominence and held in high esteem. Ultimately, these people are turned to by young people as role models. What they say is material and has consequences. Let’s hope change is on the horizon, and finally is effectuated and implemented in a sustainable way and fashion.