Health and Wellness Must be Prized

Helen Schifter is someone who has been dedicated to the subject of health and wellness for a very long time now. Her dedication comes in the form of her writing and other forms of advocacy. Health and wellness are not factors that are prized nearly enough – not by our well-recognized and prominent members of our culture; and not my policymakers and lawmakers. This is greatly problematic; and it  must change. The only way to properly change this dynamic is through education. 

Helen Schifter writes that there’s a real need that exists for education of our youth in particular, on this important subject. In fact, according to Schifter, the youth are going to continue to be the victims of our lack of education on this important subject in the absence of real consistent efforts at enlightening them of these issues. If you look at the obesity epidemic for example, First Lady Michelle Obama played a pivotal role in justifiably serving as an ambassador on behalf of the cause of combatting it . Championing this cause should be a bipartisan issue. 

There are certain issues, that even in this polarizing political climate, can and should be agreed upon – in terms of a consensus. Among them, is the need to combat the obesity epidemic. Michelle Obama did an outstanding job as an advocate educating our nation’s youth and their parents of the need for serious reconsideration and reassessment of their dietary habits in the interest of eating healthier. But of course, maintaining a healthy diet is only one minor piece in the larger puzzle toward leading a healthier lifestyle – and in particular, combatting the epidemic.

There needs to also be a steady and consistent effort at working out and maintaining a fitness regimen that is consistent with staying in shape, and keeping up a healthy physique. Working out doesn’t merely need to be in the confines of the gym. It  can also take place in every-day life. For example, if you take transportation to work, perhaps you should consider walking instead. 

If you consider all the calories you’ll inevitably burn by walking or even jogging – even if it  makes-up only a small part of your daily routine, it  can have tremendously beneficial effects in the aggregate. In totality, these walks cannot be viewed in isolation. Instead they should be viewed in aggregation. And when viewed through this prism, the results will be enviable. 

It’s the small steps that in totality can and will make a meaningful and true difference in someone’s overall health balance, and routine. This is the way working out has to be viewed; and ultimately, the way it  must be treated. But of course, beyond our prominent policymakers the education needs to also permeate our cultural environment. That means that influencers in the world of social media – in the music, arts and world of theater should be using their platforms to consistently communicate this important message to our nation’s youth. 

Helen Schifter concludes that not unlike other challenges we as a society have faced for a very long time – whether health challenges, economic or financial challenges; the obesity epidemic can and must be combatted. But it  will require a united force; and a coalescing behind a unifying message that promotes healthy living. Leading a lifestyle that values and prizes health and wellness is something that should be respected and admired. Influencers should be speaking admiringly about efforts made by citizens to do so. Our nation’s youth need to be educated of the dangers of not leading a healthy lifestyle. That education needs to start very early on in the classroom. In the absence of such efforts at comprehensive education, we are truly neglecting that entire generation – and their health. It  is the grossest form of malpractice imaginable.